software to decode APT and WEFAX signals from weather satellites

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WXtoImg: Comparison of Enhancements

The following Standard images (decoded by WXtoImg) show the images as transmitted by the NOAA polar orbiting weather satellites (although maps have been overlayed on the images to improve interpretation). The NOAA satellites transmit two images from different sensors. Typically sensors 2 (near infrared) and 4 (thermal infrared) during the day, and sensors 3 (mid/thermal infrared) and 4 (thermal infrared) during the night. Sensors 1 (visible) and 2 (near infrared) are transmitted only for a short time after the launch of a new satellite.

Standard Image (NOAA sensors 3/3B and 4)

Standard Image (NOAA sensors 1 and 2)

Standard Image (NOAA sensors 2 and 4)

The following enhancements are available in the WXtoImg program. Not all enhancements apply to images containing any two sensors (for instance the MSA enhancement requires a sensor 2-4 image). Click on any image to see a larger image. Note that the Anaglyph enhancement is a 3D image requiring special red/blue glasses to view.

ANAGLYPH enhancement

CANAGLYPH enhancement

MCIR-ANAGLYPH enhancement

MSA-ANAGLYPH enhancement

SEA enhancement

VEG enhancement

BD enhancement

CC enhancement

CLASS enhancement

EC enhancement

HE enhancement

HF enhancement

HISTEQA enhancement

HISTEQB enhancement

HVC enhancement

HVCT enhancement

INVERT enhancement

JF enhancement

JJ enhancement

MB enhancement

MCIR-PRECIP enhancement

MCIR enhancement

MD enhancement

MSA-PRECIP enhancement

MSA enhancement

NO enhancement

TA enhancement

ZA enhancement

The ZA, MB, MD, BD, CC, EC, HE, HF, JF, JJ, TA and NO enhancement curves were provided by NOAA.

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